Best Chew Proof Dog Beds

Dog beds can be a living nightmare for most dog owners.  Dogs tend to chew on their bed and it ruins their material and durability. Puppies are worse because they chew on absolutely everything and this frustrates new dog owners. Dog beds constantly drain you of the money in your wallet and you will be glad to know that there are chew proof dog beds out there. For more detailed reviews on the best chew proof dog beds of 2019 check out this article by dogstruggles.

Kuranda ultra-duty outdoor dog bed

This bed has a raised frame that comes in different sizes and colors. The all-aluminum frame is among the advantages of this bed because it will take a while for the dog to break the aluminum. Incase this happens, there is a one year guarantee for this bed. The dog bed is also easily washable because it is made from nylon that is almost tear proof. The frames elevate this bed slightly making it comfortable for large and more furred dog. The air passing below the elevated bed will ensure constant cooling to your dog.

Brindle foam pet bed

This bed is a great selection for smaller dogs or puppies. It comes in different sizes and different attractive color configurations. The bed itself is a mattress that is covered in durable cloth over and can be removed for easy washing and lasts a long time. The bed is watertight so you need not to worry about your dog sleeping in a dump place. This pet bed keeps its shape over a long period instead of sagging. This bed ensures comfort especially for the old dogs and you do not have to replace it often.

Elevated cooling pet bed

The major feature of this bed besides elevation is a mesh and nylon grid that keeps dogs comfortable and cooled wherever you place them. It comes in different sizes and can accommodate almost every dog size. The colors of this dog bed vary and are very appealing to the eye. The pillars are made of stew therefore can withstand any dog chewing as time goes by. Aging dogs require bed that does not press the joints or cause pains and this bed is precise for such a dog. It is easy to wash and nylon makes this bed waterproof

Paw hut dog bed

This is another example of an elevated dog bed. It comes with different sizes and colors therefore you can choose which one meets your needs. The frame is made of PVC which is durable and hard to break for majority of the dogs. The elevation helps with cooling and it comes with a couple mesh windows that allow for air circulation.

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