Top 5 popular dog breeds

One of the criteria for determining the popularity of a dog breed is the largest number of dogs of a particular breed in a particular area. The second indicator is the popularity of certain breeds in dog shows and competitions. For many years now, the same types of dogs hold the popularity monopoly. Continue reading if you want to find out which are the top 5 popular dog breeds.


 # 1: Labrador

Today, Labrador is definitely the most popular dog breed. It is a dog of harmonious proportions, an elongated tail, a solid jaw and a body covered with short hair and a waterproof undercoat.

# 2: German Shepherd

This is an intelligent and reliable dog which loves challenges and ranks high among the top 5 popular dog breeds. Its protective character, strength, and endurance helped save many human lives.

# 3: The Golden Retriever

This is a family dog that loves active socializing. This breed was originally created to help people hunting. It is very important for your dog to always have some sort of obligation, a task that will employ him both physically and intellectually. They adore swimming and bringing objects out of the water.

# 4: Beagle

This dog is mostly used for racing and hunting. Beagle is an extremely fast dog. It has a strong temperament. At the same time, it is a playful and cheerful dog.

# 5: Bulldog

Bulldog is a breed of medium-sized dogs. This breed is the most recognizable for its strong, thick body, wide massive shoulders, short and firm legs and excess skin. At the first glance, all bulldog breeds may seem very lively and somewhat aggressive.

These were the top 5 popular dog breeds in the world. Let’s see whether this ranking could change or not. Read on.


Although it is not among the top 5 popular dog breeds since 2002 when it ranked 58th, French Bulldog is a breed whose popularity is growing rapidly. Today, they rank 11. These dogs are beloved in most of the countries worldwide and it is expected that they will soon reach the fifth position when it comes to popularity.

 In conclusion, Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, and Bulldog are the top 5 popular dog breeds in the world today. However, some other beautiful and intelligent dog breeds could soon come to the throne.

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